Eden Synthetics

PlantHive Greenhouse Project

The first fully automated Internet-Of-Things greenhouse, that teaches you how to take care of your crops. Monitor and control you plants anytime, anywhere.


Eden Strategic Consulting

Strategic solutions for high-tech projects and companies. We provide valuable expertise in the fields of crisis and change management, IT consultancy, knowledge and resources management.

IoT & Web Services

Development and deployment of Internet-Of-Things and Web Applications, Project management from Analysis to Deployment. Data mining and Virtualization management.

Ensuring a better future for humanity by creating a symbiotic ecosystem between men, machines and plants.

Eden Synthetics wants people to integrate technology in their homes in order to provide for themselves while having a smaller carbon footprint.

A multi-cultural and multi-lingual team with complementary skills

Vasileios Vallas

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Athens, Greece, Vasileios came to Belgium for his studies in 2007. He graduated from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management as a Commercial Engineer in 2013. He is currently pursuing his second Masters Degree in Applied Business and Technology, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Vasileios is passionate about new technologies and is always interested in learning more about Science. As the company's CEO, Vasileios is making sure that the Technical, Business and Management work areas are developing simultaneously towards strategic targets to ensure successful projects.

Born in Lebanon, Hassan moved to France in 2004, where he studied Information Science and Technologies at the Université de Lille1. In 2010 he moved to Belgium, where he specialized in Web Programming, Network Management and Virtualization. He is a very skilled programmer, who has dedicated countless hours on building and designing Web Applications. Hassan is passionate about Mathematics and Science. He is in charge of programming the company's front and back end services and also contributes to the company's R&D.

Hassan Safieddine

Chief Information Officer

Hadrien van Durme

Chief Operations Officer

Back in 2010 Hadrien decided to move to Los Angeles to study International Business (Santa Monica College) and find fame and fortune in the movie industry as a music composer. Hadrien went back to Belgium in 2013 and picked up a Bachelor in the only SAP certified university of Belgium (Erasmus University Brussels) to combine his Business knowledge with IT. He is very motivated in developing new technologies that will improve everyone's day-to-day lives. Be it working on the ERP system at the office, going to meetings or pitching in front of a crowd, you'll always find him highly motivated in bringing forth a successful project.

Federicco is an Italian, born in Luxembourg. After completing a Master's Degree in Physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Chicco is now preparing a PhD thesis in the medical sciences field. In addition to his work at university, he contributes to our projects as a scientist. He brings his invaluable expertise and knowledge in physics, electronics but also botanic. Chicco is the brains behind perfecting the optimal environment for the plants in all our IoT projects. Chicco's passion for electronics has led to the development of our advanced LED systems and sensors that regulate our products.

Federico «Chicco» Lucchetti

Chief Science Officer

Yanni Garcia Postigo

Chief Financial Officer

Born in Belgium with Spanish origins, Yanni left his native country after just 15 days due to his father diplomatic career. Before arriving in Brussels to study Management Sciences at the SBS-EM (Solvay Brussels), he lived in three different countries. This vastly expanded his multi-cultural communication skills and ability to deal business with almost anyone. Being our numbers guy, he loves anything related to Finances, Legislations and Consumer Behavior. He is in charge of the Administration and Accounting.